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Full Food System

Working Toward a Brighter Future


Sysco, US Foods, Performance Food Group, McLane Foodservice, and Gordon Food Service control a majority of the food in the U.S. Indiana imports 90% of their food. Controlling your own food system is the beginning of community sustainability and generational wealth. 

We run a 17 acre farm, donated over 3 million pounds of food and worked with the last 3 administrations. We've also worked with hundreds of Black and IPOC farmers throught the nation. We're working directly with several food distribution companies to lower the cost of food when we can't obtain it in our network. We have also started our own transportation company to decrease the cost for our customers. We plan to have 3 trucks under our new MC DOT# in 2024.

Additionally, we also work with a viable grocery store model that puts the PEOPLE OVER PROFITS and allows for the community to invest in their own grocery stores. We are willing to work with all of the other food distribution companies to create a better system not only for Black and Brown Americans but everyone. We are going to put Americans to work for our American food security system and infrastructure! 

This is the NEW NEW NEW DEAL 2024:

Americans working together to put Americans to work while creating a better food system for America. 

  • Farming 

  • Food Safety

  • Storage

  • Transportation

  • Bulk and Retail Sales

Required budget: $1.2 million - $5 million

Fee: $100,000+

Deposit: $100,000 in escrow

We are looking for sponsors for our farming and food distribution initiatives to grow more and to distribute hot meals.

Click the sponsor button below.

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