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Your support is needed for the upcoming zoning board vote.

608 Oxford St.

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806

Ty Simmons

Fort Wayne, Ind., October 5, 2020 - Your support is needed in the next few days to help make a difference in our neighborhood. The opportunity to build a community greenhouse faces a vote by the zoning board on Thursday, October 15. Reach out and let them know that you support this initiative that will educate, train and mentor youth in a variety of agriculture, food industry and quality of life initiatives.

This program has broad community support. The Human Agricultural Cooperative, Sweetwater Sound Inc., the Parker, Suttle, Smiley and Snider families as well as the La Rez Neighborhood Association have all provided support for this project, which will build a 30’ by 40’ community greenhouse just south of Williams Street on South Clinton. This Use of Variance and Development Standard Variance request will allow a greenhouse to be built on a 50’ by 50’ parcel of land, shortening the required buffers on all sides. With the request, the Human Agricultural Cooperative greenhouse will also be able to include a small parking lot.

Prior to the October 15 zoning board meeting, you can help by reaching out to members of the board to express your support in this project. Your email of support with a subject line titled “I support Human Agricultural Cooperative” will have a positive impact on this project and on our community. Please take a moment and reach out to our friend with your email of support. His email address is

You can learn more about the Human Agricultural Cooperative and the programs that they have implemented by visiting

Thank you all for your continued support.

Ty Simmons

Executive Director

Human Agricultural Cooperative

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