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Training Youth Farmers to Solve Food Injustice


Who We Are

Planting Seeds of Hope Today, to Harvest Tomorrow.

Human Agricultural Co-operative takes a holistic approach to food insecurity at the local and regional level. The nonprofit coordinates partnerships with many different stakeholders to facilitate band-aids (weekly food sourcing and distribution), long-term fixes (youth farming programs), and cures (educational programming, local investment in food infrastructure, a year-round greenhouse).


Youth Farming

The program teaches a wide variety of skills, from seed selection to harvest. In addition to teaching inner-city youth about the farm to table concept, Human Agricultural Cooperative also helps area youth to develop entrepreneurial skills. Most of the produce harvested through this program is donated to the community or sold at area farmer’s market.

Youth leave with skills, friendships, experiential knowledge, and increased confidence.

Over forty youth have participated in the program to date. 

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The participating youth learn about every stage of farming -- from seeds to distribution. The hope is they will each have a seed planted into them to help grow a more equitable food system for the future.

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This is a living classroom. The participating youth don't just learn about farming, they literally get their hands dirty every day learning from farmers from all walks of life. These lived experiences create a lasting impact.


“With confidence, you have won before you have started.”

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr

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